Your Dog is so Sweet!

As Oreo and I strolled down the block in the fading sunlight, we spotted an older couple walking toward us. I dove my hand into my pocket getting a small treat ready for when we got closer. We switched to the other side of the road and as we were about to pass them, Oreo looked up for her treat. “What a sweet dog,” the woman said as they passed. Oreo did great and took the treat and we continued our walk. This happens quite frequently.

I had to smile when she said that because when we first started training I would’ve never imagined people saying things like that on a walk with her. If you are in a similar position don’t worry, with work, it will get better! 

   On another note we have spent much time hanging outside. Her allergies seem to be controlled and she’s been very relaxed when people pass. She also is calmer around the neighbor’s dogs. Oreo can now lay down, relax, and ignore them if they are at a safe distance. Distance is key.  


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