Big Dog Complex and Grumblings 

This little dog clearly thinks she is a big dog. 

We walked about half a mile with that large branch dragging. Although it’s not the largest stick she’s picked up on a walk, I have to give her credit for dragging/carrying it for so long. 

She’s always been an anxious dog since we first got her. Anxious, yet speaks her mind-very often. She was not about to let go of that stick.

She’s quite the grumbly dog who growls or makes noises if you pet her while she’s napping (hey-I might too) and makes these weird grumbling noises when she wants attention. She does it with her mouth closed too-she’s a dog ventriloquist. Another favorite of hers is a large sigh when she doesn’t get what she wants, promptly followed by the sad face with the head down on the paws.

Yawning-I have never heard another human or animal yawn so loud that it would wake the dead. I’ve only had one other dog in my life but is that normal? No, nothing about Oreo is normal. 

When my sister or husband passed us on a walk (and they are in a car) you would swear my dog is screaming bloody murder. The doors on the block literally open to make sure no one is dying and my dog is ok. It’s fair to say if I see my husband walking the dog and I’m driving I will either turn around and go down another street or pick them up. 

She may be a smaller dog but she definitely speaks up. Hopefully she doesn’t speak up too much when we visit the vet next week.