Planning for Surgery

Sorry for the blogging silence-it’s been a long summer. First my sister was in the hospital for two weeks with cardiac issues, then I had to have an emergency gallbladder removal. This brings up my next subject-planning for surgery.

Sometimes, you plan to have surgery, sometimes life happens and you end up in the hospital. Whether it is planned or not you should always have a plan for your pet. Here are some things to think about ahead of time to ensure your pet is cared for:

1. Who will take your dog out or for walks?

2. Who will feed your pet?

3. If your pet is on a special diet or has allergies, keep these listed next to their food.

4. Does your dog take medication? If so, keep a list or medicine and dosages.

5. If you are home recovering from surgery, is your dog very jumpy and excitable? If so, you may want a relative or friend to watch your dog a few days while you recover enough to interact with your dog.

6. Do you have your vet’s phone number listed somewhere in case of emergency?

7. Try to keep somewhat of a routine, especially if your dog is reactive or easily stressed out.

While I was in the hospital, Oreo didn’t see me for a few days and spent the first night home alone without company. After surgery I spent a week at my parent’s house to recover. Oreo was brought over to my parents house to spend time with me after a week. However, I had many visitors and with all of the change she became very stressed out. She ended up snapping at my mom when she bent to pick up a cup near the dog. Oreo immediately whimpered. I’m not sure if it was just the build up of stress or if she thought my mother was a neighbor (the neighbor was next to our yard line upsetting the dog).

Whatever it was, Oreo became extremely stressed and stuck by my side-I’m sure worried that I might disappear again. I ended up having my husband bring her home a few days because I came home so she could get back into the routine and relax.

Emergencies happen and I was lucky to have my husband who could take care of Oreo but not everyone has someone else. Make sure you have some kind of plan…just in case, and try to keep it routine so you don’t end up stressed and either does your pup!