Springtime Safety 

The spring brings all sorts of wonderful things: flowers blooming, lazy sunny weekends, biking and fun walks at the park. However, it also brings those nasty springtime allergies and much more stimuli for your reactive dog. Make springtime an enjoyable time by making sure your dog is well and safe by following these tips below . 

  1. If your dog has allergies, wipe them down when you come inside from a walk or laying around. Pollen is everywhere and  many dogs are allergic to it. There are countless amounts of pollen and different grass allergies dogs have, so get a wet towel or paper towel and wipe their paws and face when they come in. 
  2. Baths- if your dog has allergies make sure to bathe your pup once or twice a week. This will take all the nasty allergies in their coat and flush them down the drain. 
  3. Keep vigilant. Springtime is when any people leave their dogs to roam the yard as they are gardening. If you are walking around the block with your dog keep an eye out for loose dogs. 
  4. Watch what your dog eats. A list of poisonous plants and crops are listed here: Poisonous plants and crops
  5. Sunburn! Even though our pups love laying in the sun, they can get sunburn too ! 
  6. Hot pavement: if the weather gets hot check th pavement to make sure it’s not going to burn your pup’s paws.