The Blizzard of 2016

We received 31 inches in one day! This was an all time record for our area and Oreo and I enjoyed the snow.   



Covered in snow! It was really blowing! 


Romping around.


   The snow is almost taller than me!
 What is dad doing out there in the snow?
  The bird feeder was busy with doves.

  I came out here expecting fun…but  then the snow was too deep!


Do the Flip!

As I sit here watching tv, my dog daughter jumps up for a cuddle. This is my view while watching American Idol. Notice the ears-flipped! If you have a dog with long ears it’s vital to keep them clean and dry-so flip them when they are relaxing! This helps get air in there. 

Oreo has had lots of allergy problems and ear infections when she was young, but flipping the ears has really helped, along with weekly or biweekly cleaning with witch hazel on a cotton ball. You can tell a lot about the health of your dog through his or her ears. If they smell or have blisters get them to the vet! If they are dirty-clean them and get some air in there: Do the Flip!