Spring Sunday

It was beautiful this weekend! Oreo had so much fun hanging out around the yard as my husband & I did lots of work. We spent our Saturday mulching the entire yard. When we were deciding what kind of mulch to use my husband really wanted red mulch. However, we quickly learned that not all mulches are equal.


After some research I learned that many of the cheaper mulch are made from ground up construction material that sometimes contain arsenic. Not only were we thinking about human health, but pet health when we decided against going for dyed mulch. We decided on cedar instead. As a pup Oreo loved chewing & eating mulch. She doesn’t do that anymore, but you never know…if there was something tasty in the mulch she could easily swallow some mulch.



Sunday we decided to start our raised garden. Oreo really enjoyed laying outside and watching all of the action.


DSCN4337 DSCN4340 DSCN4343

I always made sure I had some treats in my pocket in case walkers with dogs would pass. I didn’t want Oreo to be encouraged to continue barking at passers, this would only reinforce the behavior. She would think, “Oh, well I barked and they left, it must work.” Instead of barking, I would call her & have her provide behaviors and give rewards (example: sit, shake, target-the give treat or toy)-works like a charm! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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