3 Years Old!!

Happy Birthday to Oreo! She is officially 3 years old (or so we think)!

Oreo when we got her.

Oreo when we got her.

Oreo was adopted from another couple at what we think was 8 weeks old-they couldn’t keep her. Although the people were polite, they claimed she was a king charles spaniel/west highland terrier mix adopted from a breeder. However, she is neither of those. When we picked her up she had no collar, no leash, no bed or toys, and was eating adult dog food. She always loved to sleep, even when we picked her up she was cuddled up to a heater in the house. However, she was also fearful, even as a puppy. We noticed as we put on her frontline tick medicine she hated it. She hated it so much it was horrible trying to get it onto her. She would back into a corner and snarl at us. We figured out she is reactive. She reacts to things she is scared of instead of running away.

She has made wonderful progress. She is still scared of new things and will never be comfortable with strangers in the house, but loves her family and friends intensely. She has learned to take things in stride, enjoy chewing on her bone, playing with close family & friends, and has finally learned the “Art of Relaxing”. Thanks to Ali Brown for wonderful reactive dog classes and my family and friends for being so patient and helpful. It’s not always about changing the dog, it’s more about changing your attitude, your outlook, and building a relationship with your dog. As I type this she is cuddling with her new stuffed gingerbread toy (or should I say unstuffed), laying against my legs napping. There was a time where we couldn’t even pet her she was so fearful.

I got her a new toy, which she gingerly tore apart, and filled her kong with extra yummy treats this morning. In the past I’ve taken her to places she loves like parks and my parents house to romp around. What do you do for your doggie’s birthday?


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