Just when you think everything is okay…

Everything has been going a lot smoother now that the ear drop extravaganza is over. Oreo’s meds have been upped, but I have seen no noticable difference. However, I have become much more observant and versed in doggie language (calming signals). I think I over analyze everything. Or maybe everything just doesn’t see from my eyes, and Oreo’s eyes. Talking about eyes, look at those eyelashes she has!

Everything has been going pretty well because of management and training. We haven’t had issues with growling when taking things away, instead we “trade”. She has learned that getting off of the couch or bed get her good things. Even as I am writing this it gives me hope to think of all the good things she can do and the progress (no matter how small) she has made. She waits at the door sitting before we go out, the other day she actually went upstairs with me and my husband was laying in bed and she waited, sitting until I said it was okay to go on the bottom of the bed (WOW! big deal for her, she NEVER does that with the bed). She will wait calmly while I put her food down. She still isn’t calm enough to eat “normally” but she will eat if I mix chicken with her food or something else.

Her itching has improved, but within the last few days she has been itching more. She gets probiotics and extra virgin organic coconut oil with her food. I believe this has helped her stomach, and overall health. She used to be sick all the time throwing up and loose stools. We also cut all gluten and wheat out of her diet and give her treats like chicken. It does take a while and can be a pain, but it’s  better that she is healthy and getting quality food.

Well…so everything was going well….then we were at my parents and my aunt, uncle, and niece (toddler) decided to pop in for a visit. Before I knew what was going on, my uncle came through the door. Luckily I got the leash on but she started barking and jumped and got a hold of his shorts and started pulling. I’m not quite sure what she was doing, this has not happened before. I’m guessing she was nervous and thought he was some kind of intruder? She continued to bark and I took her outside for a walk. My niece and aunt were in the pool and Oreo was whining and trying to get to my niece (2 years old). Eventually she calmed down, but when she got out of the pool again Oreo was whining and pulling with the crazy stressed out large eyes look. I believe she is very curious/nervous/excited around kids. I did not let anyone touch her at these times and kept her distance from them. I hate to keep her away so much, but also don’t want anyone to get hurt.

I hope at the next training session (In 3 days) I will learn what to do with exposure and getting along with people. Would I love for her to get along with dogs? Yea! She loves the ones she knew before she was attacked, but I need to live in this reality, she was attacked, and if I was too I probably would avoid whatever attacked me for a long time if not the rest of my life out of fear. I would like her to be more comfortable around people without her being crazy and nervous, but that will take time. She is comfy with people she sees all the time, but new people are scary.

This is becoming a long post. After my uncle said goodbye with his neice and wife Oreo was barking and lunging toward him, and of course he told his grandchild, “BAD DOG, she’s a BAD DOG”. I didn’t say anything, he is ignorant when it comes to dogs and reactivity. These dogs aren’t bad…they are scared.

My neighbor has a fearful dog, who is not fear aggressive, but super shy around people and will run away. Her brother-in-law was visiting and kept telling her what a bad dog he was, that he needed obediance training. This really bothered me, and my neighbor. People can be very ignorant. I was an ignorant person myself, I must admit it. We live and learn, unfortunately, most people do not learn about how to approach dogs. I recently visited http://boogiebt.wordpress.com/ , a dog blog where the blogger posts pictures and great examples of calming signals, and when you can tell a dog is afraid.


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