Enjoy the Little Things

Oreo and I went to the park this morning. It was a crisp, fall-like day. The cool air blew on us as we meandered down the path. I spotted a dog off leash and a courteous man who circumnavigated around us to the spot where they would play frisbee. We enjoyed our romp around the park and Oreo found a delightful stick to chew on that was 3 times her length. She laid down and watched dogs around 25 feet away pass.

Old Oreo (before the dog attack) would have loved to meet and romp and play. Apprehensive Oreo was fine just watching and chewing on her stick at a distance. It was nice to have quiet and peace. Rarely do we get to enjoy the little things in life, but as we sat there I pondered everything we are missing as we work the daily grind each day. The wonderful smell of fall filled my nostrils and locals passed by who I see every weekend at the park, waving their cheerful hello. The whole time Oreo was enjoying her stick in the shade while the breeze enveloped us.

Hardly do we get to enjoy any peace during the week. We work, come home, cook, eat, take the dog for a walk, shower, then we might have an hour to wind down before we go to sleep. Then we have to do it all over again. There has got to be a better way, a better way to enjoy life, make a living, and be able to cherish the little things in life…all within 24 hours a day.