Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredients 

It can be very difficult to find a food your dog can eat, enjoy and digest properly if you have a dog with many food allergies. Oreo is allergic to many ingredients that are in dog foods such as: chicken, fish, eggs, alfalfa ( very common in dog food- who knew?), potatoes, corn, soybean, and sweet potato. I tried many homemade recipes for dog food, but was worried she wasn’t getting the right balance, so I turned to Nature’s Variety.   

 Luckily, our vet provided us with a list of different dog food brands Oreo could have. After reading reviews and looking at the ingredients, this was the winner! If you have a dog that get itching, yeast and bacterial infections, refuses to eat, throws up or has diahrea you may want to invest in a limited ingredient diet. 

Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredients comes in 4 different single animal proteins: rabbit, duck, turkey and lamb. 

The food has an average of 27% protein, which is good. It does have an above average fat content and a below level carbohydrate level. The company recently reworked their lamb recipe, adding more peas which are a source of protein, but some dogs may have issues with it. This food has improved Oreo’s skin and her digestive system is a million times better. She is now 5 years old and had a whole blood panel work up, including urine and everything looked great.

Each dog is unique and you need to find a dog food that works for your dog. Next we will examine how to identify a good dog food and some scary ingredients you need to stay away from. 



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