Doggy Bliss and How Your Fido Can Help Fight Depression

We are going through the loss of my father-in-law right now and one thing that seems to always cheer us up is Oreo.

Dogs can lower your blood pressure and help depression. Just stroking your pet can lower your anxiety and stress levels.

Everyone has had a hard time in their life and if you’ve had a dog you know that they can sense it. They can see the slump in your shoulders or the fall in your face and read your body language to know your upset. Has your dog ever cheered you up? Licked your face while you cried? Snuggled next to you when you felt alone? Well, if so you have experience how wonderful dogs are for stress, anxiety, and depression.

-Research shows that many people smile more around dogs and feel more at ease.

-If you have a life where people are telling you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it-a dog can help you! Many people overwhelmed by complicated relationships find the companionship of a dog that loves you unconditionally very beneficial.

-Isolated people who are shutting the world out have a friend, their friendly fido.

-For someone who doesn’t have many friends, a dog can bring them many social contacts. Taking walks, dog classes and going to the park offer social opportunities.

-When you are depressed you may feel like doing nothing. However, if you have a pup you are forced to take some responsibility and have a schedule. You have to feed the dog, walk the dog, etc.

-This brings me to my next point-exercise. Exercise can help depression-people with dogs are more active as a whole.

-Dogs do many funny things, in turn this promotes laughter.

Dogs aren’t for everyone, especially people with severe depression. However, if you have a pup I bet you smile, laugh, and love more!

Oreo has been there for us through many rough times. She has laid next to my husband and I when we were sad. She’s licked our faces when we cried. After a rough day she has greeted us with wonderful wags and a happy face. When we were away visiting hospice my husband commented on how he wished Oreo could come with us (she is too scared to go to stranger’s houses). I asked him why and he responded, “She makes me happy.”

Do you have a personal story when your dog helped you feel better? Feel free to share!


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