Long Time!


Long time-no write! It’s been almost a month and I’ve been SLACKING! To tell the truth we’ve been house hunting. It’s been a long road and apparently the housing market has rocketed so after 5 hours we still don’t have a new house. Lucky for us though, we can rent from the guy who bought our condo!

Oreo news…took her to the vet today-everything looked great. We are waiting results from normal tests to make sure, but she did great! Since it’s allergy season she has been itching more but it’s still under control.

Yesterday I was walking Oreo and in the distance two dogs appeared with their owner as I rounded the corner. They were probably 50 feet away and her 2 large dogs started lunging, barking and growling. The lady was so small and the dogs were so large it was hard for me to understand why she would even risk bringing them on a walk together. Oreo barked and lunged, but followed me away and quickly recovered. We walked parallel to another labrador across the street and she did wonderful!

It’s amazing to see how far she has come. I remember when I was that lady with a dog going wild and praying people would walk away with their dogs and not linger. I thank management, figuring out her allergies, and training for her great progress. Management can be a key-that lady with the dogs made me realize how much management can make a difference.

When I leave the house I make sure all the blinds are closed so my dog doesn’t bark at people. I don’t take her to parties or have strangers to the house. If I really want people she doesn’t know well to come over, I drop her at my parents (she is deathly afraid of crates due to small space). My friends always ask how my dog is doing and I tell them great. She is great-she’ll never be “normal” and nor do I want to force her to do things she is uncomfortable with. I will never be 100% sure, no matter how much training that she won’t bite or snap at someone she doesn’t know in our house-so no amount of training will entrust me to let her run free around strangers. She’s never bitten or attacked people in my home, but I just don’t want it to happen since I’ve seen her bark and lunge at people.

She’s good with car rides but if she had an issue I’m sure I would find something to block her from seeing outside. Whatever the issue is I’m sure we could train or manage. The woman with the 2 dogs didn’t seem to have common sense. I don’t exactly know the situation but to me they seemed like 2 reactive very large dogs who could’ve easily pulled her away. I hope she learns to take one dog walking at a time to help train them or at least manage them better.


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