Prescription Savings

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of money on medications. We save by using generic medications, but I didn’t know our dogs could save too! I recently recieved “The Whole Dog Journal” (one of my favorite canine journals) and read an article on “Budget Medications”. Little did I know I’ve been spending WAYYY too much on medications.

I have takens steps lately to save on the herbal and chinese medicines I use with Oreo to help build her immune system by getting them from amazon with reputable pharmacies. However, her prescription medications are a different story. I pay around $25-50 for each month-2 month supply for each of her medicines.

After reading the article I found this site:
Target-with $4 generic dog medications-with no insurance! They have PETRX a section just for dog medications on their site-sweet!!!

I also did more searching and has great savings on medications too. In the article many places are mentioned including Costco, walgreens, cvs, and online pharmacies. Also AAA memberships covers pet medications (meaning they give discounts at many locations on prescriptions).

You do need to consult and make sure the prescription and dosage are the same as the ones your dogs are taking now. Next time I get Oreo’s medications I will definitely be getting them elsewhere and will post the prices I have found!


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