Tick Preventatives

We went hiking a week ago in the Poconos and found over 12 ticks on the dog! It was one after the other. I thought we would be safe since it’s been colder, including a few frosts…boy was I wrong! She was EXTREMELY good, she even laid down as I was getting them off (yay!). She use to try to bite me every time she saw me coming with the tick twister or tweezers. By the way, the tick twister is AWESOME. She had lots of deer ticks (they carry lyme disease ), so I called the vet to check in and see if there was anything I had to do. They said to watch her and we’ll see. Only 20% of young deer ticks carry lyme, while 50% of adults carry lyme disease.

You may be wondering what we use to protect her from ticks and why she had so many. We hiked through the woods with small brush where deer are very frequent. She is not protected from ticks. Unfortunately, she is allergic to the collars and liquid applications found at the store and vet. This also includes any sprays, wipes, etc. There are some things I do to help her fight ticks and lyme disease. First off, I feed her a fresh diet and add many supplements to help boost her immune system. Garlic, Skullcap, and Licorice can also be used to protect against bacteria. I usually add some garlic in her food. Yes, garlic can be bad for dogs…but only used in very large amounts. Probiotics are also good for protection.

Different natural topical applications such as tickweed and rose geranium can be combined with almond oil and put onto your dog’s collar to help repel ticks. There are endless amounts of natural tick repellents. Have you used any that work?




2 thoughts on “Tick Preventatives

  1. Sorry we don’t have any natural solutions. We live by miles of wooded area with lot of deer and if we couldn’t use the topical Revolution I wouldn’t know what to use. Hopefully tick season is over an you won’t have to worry until spring.

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