Treat Training Dog Syndrome

Does your dog look up at you when you’re walking? Does your dog follow by your side? If so…your dog might have TTDS (Treat Training Dog Syndrome). Here are more symptoms of TTDS so that you may be able to diagnose your dog:


  • you open the door, your dog sits patiently while you clip the leash on their collar.
  • opening the door, your dog sits and waits without you saying a word.
  • you are locking the door at your house, your dog is leashed and waiting behind you sitting.
  • your dog sees another dog and automatically looks at you or offers a trick

These are just some of the symptoms of TTDS. The symptoms vary depending on how well you have treat trained your dog! Don’t worry, TTDS is a great syndrome for your dog to have!


4 thoughts on “Treat Training Dog Syndrome

  1. With my reactive pup Dina, the best thing ever that has come from training is when she sees another dog, becomes a little reactive but then looks towards me because she learned that looking away from dogs and not reacting is proper behavior! 🙂

    Great post!

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