Fall Foliage

 We are up in the Poconos this weekend and Oreo is loving it! It’s so quiet and peaceful here. My parents have a vacation home on a small lake, so no motor boats, no jet skis, nothing loud. The neighbors usually don’t come up much and after summer we don’t see many people at all.


We headed around town and did the local Walmart trip (that’s really the ONLY store around that has clothing or anything for people up here), and walked around the little town. Oreo and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Some of the leaves are starting to change, I found one that looked like it was on fire!


We decided to turn down the hiking trail for a while. There were many trees down from storms, and lots of good smells for Oreo. On the way back to the road, I was deciding whether we should cut through the woods or head back to the road. There was a family that has a history of letting their dogs run around without leashes (and they don’t have reliable recall). When Oreo was a puppy we had a run in with 2 of their dogs. I heard them outside, but didn’t really want to cut through the brush.As I was contemplating, Oreo must have read my mind. She started heading to the left in the direct place I was thinking of cutting through the brush.

O well, looks like she made my decision for me!

So, I’m sitting her typing this up, looking out on the lake with Oreo on the recliner next to me. She’s wrapped up in blankets,curled in a ball taking a nap. Relaxing is good.



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