Baby Steps

Classical conditioning is an association between two stimuli. In this case, I am pairing yummy treats with kids. Today we had a lovely walk in the park. As we were nearing the children’s play area, a mom and two children came out of a car. We decided to sit at a nearby bench where I began feeding the dog treats as she looked calmly at the children. They starting running over and Oreo laid down  by herself (yay for her!). Luckily, the woman was responsible and asked if it was okay if the children came over. I told her Oreo was scared and training. She said Oreo is a very cute dog and ushered the children to the playground. The children came within 8 feet of Oreo and she was calm as a cucumber. The “greedy” dog trainer in me wanted to see what would happen if they came over and gave her a treat, however they were very young…probably 2 years old. Even though Oreo has been okay taking treats from some other children, I didn’t want to risk it. Remember-baby steps!


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