Taking the Scare Out of the Hair

Today’s blog post is a review of a product called the Scaredy Cut Silent Clippers. As you see above, it is basically scissors plus an attachment combs.  When you order the product it comes in either blue or pink, with 6 attachments from very long to very short.

When Oreo was under a year old she would get groomed (hair cut) at a local pet store. I was told she was very good during trimming. Eventually she would throw a fit when she saw us leaving (like a 2-year-old barking throwing herself on the ground, etc). Still, after a few minutes the groomers would take her in the back and she would be fine. After being attacked, her fear of dogs came about so bringing her to a dog store is not a great idea. I thought of alternatives, maybe having someone come to the house or a traveling groomer or even a local one with no other dogs there.

However, her fear of people had increased and other reasons added to our decision to do her hair ourselves. For one, we paid over $45 each grooming session. Cutting her hair ourselves would save us some money. Additionally, she has come back from the groomers with cuts before. We have tried a few groomers and days later each time we would find cuts and scratches on her that were not there before.

So I decided to take things into my own hands. My mother always groomed out west highland terrier herself with an electric razor. So I brought Oreo to my moms and we plugged it in to get started. Immediately the humming vibrations freaked her out! She would not come anywhere near it and was scared to death. Well, that was out of the question unless I wanted to go through weeks of training to have her adjust to the humming noise. Plus the thing was big, heavy, and bulky…I wouldn’t want that coming at me if it was around the size of my head either! Great, now what was I going to do?

Internet! Yes, I am an avid user of the internet and finding answers on here. I searched no noise razor, silent dog groomer, quiet haircut for dogs, etc until I came across the scaredy cut. I said hey, I’ll give it a try. I was skeptical knowing that Oreo is afraid of almost everything new, and thought it would take FOREVER to give her a haircut. However, I read reviews and took the advice of others.

My amazon purchase arrived shortly later that week and I opened the package to be surprised by how easy it looked. Everything looks easy until you try it right? Wrong! I spent some time having Oreo touch the scissors and treating her so she knew it was a “good thing”.  I progressed to taking her outside and running it along her back (not cutting), and treating. I was trying to get her to think it was a positive thing. I read many other reviews from people on amazon and some used similar techniques with their scared dogs or cats. Eventually I cut a piece of her hair and treated her immensely. Yay! We did a little at a time.

The first time I gave her a haircut I will admit it took a long time. Not because of the product, but because she was scared. I probably cut her hair for about 10 minutes, then gave her a break. I focused on one section of her body, then we took a break. Sometimes we came inside and played or did other things then returned to cutting later so she wouldn’t be anxious.

The scissor attachments work great. I started with a longer attachment but found the shortest one the best for most of her body except her face and lower legs. All I had to do was run the scissor with the attachment up her back and snip snip snip. I was amazed at how quick I could cut her hair, if she wasn’t afraid. The hardest area for her of course was her paws and face. That took much longer because it required more stopping and more treating. However, I am happy to say now she is hardly bothered by the trimming of her face (however she seems annoyed at me sometimes!). She is MUCH better with me trimming around her legs and feet, especially when she is tired (that is key!).

Overall, the Scarey Cut is a great tool for people who want to save money or have scaredy dogs or cats. She actually loves it now and will lay down and sleep while I am cutting her hair! Well, I can’t say she loves the scissors, but I know she loves the treats that come along with them. I can probably cut all of her hair (back, belly, feet, legs, trim ears, face, etc) in an hour or less depending on how perfect I want it. It has been a wonderful gift for us and can’t thank the inventor enough!


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