Allergies and How to Stop Infections

It’s been 2 years that Oreo has been dealing with her allergies. As mentioned in the previous post, food allergies were partly to blame. She is also allergic to pollen, and her allergies flare up the worst after it rains. Oreo+wet grass = bacterial infections

If you have a dog or cat with allergies, you know how frustrating it can be. I have tried so many different supplements, allergy pills, and other items. I will tell you what works for US. It doesn’t mean it will work for anyone else, but if you are struggling with allergies perhaps it will help. I know the pain and agony of bringing the dog to the vet continually to get antibiotics which seem to help for a few weeks, then you are back at the vet again.

Some things I have tried:

  • allergy pills claiming to help (online, in pet stores)
  • cover ups  (t-shirts) to stop flare ups outside
  • wiping her feet/belly when coming in
  • herbal supplements (Calendula, tinctures, etc)
  • wipes
  • itching spray
  • tea bags on towel then warm compress on eyes
  • Benadryl, zyrtec, etc (as prescribed by the vet)
  • bathing her at least once a week

Unfortunately, as some of you already know, my conventional vet failed me when it came to allergies. She just kept recommending different types of antihistamines which didn’t work and didn’t even suggest a food allergy test. This is when I went to Smith Ridge where they combine conventional with complementary therapy (totally recommend looking at all choices). Some of the things they recommended work, some I figured out on my own or other dog owners have helped me. This doesn’t mean it will work for you, but I hope it helps.

Some things that have HELPED:

  • wiping her paws,legs, belly with a towel after a walk when it is wet outside-helps get the pollen off
  • walking her so much she is too tired to itch! (may seem funny but when she is tired she is less likely to itch and bite at herself)
  • clean her ears at least once a week with WITCH HAZEL (no alcohol) I recommend Thayers. This has worked MIRACLES for us! I put some on a cotton ball and wipe the inside of her ears. I don’t even have to use harsh ear wash that irritates her or put drops in her ears (which she HATES).
  • supplement that has really helped: it’s quercenol-it helps the immune system, liver, and allergies. It is especially helpful with itchy skin, ears, and paws due to allergies. You can read more about it at the link above. I got it from the vet when she told me about it, but you can order it online too.
  • Keeping stress down. When her stress builds up her immune system is weak, therefore, allowing allergies to bother her more. Keeping stress down is easier said than done (as all of us reactive dog moms/dads know).
  • Got her food allergy test done. If your dog has seasonal allergies I really think you should still get a food allergy test because you NEVER know!
  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil-This is the similar to giving your dog fish oil pills, but Oreo is allergic to those. I add about 1/2 a teaspoon to her food every day. Here is an article about the health benefits of coconut oil for your dog. Make sure you get ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN coconut oil.
  • Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads-these are pads that help stop infections. Instead of going to the vet every single time Oreo gets bumps or a rash, I simply wipe the area a few times over a couple of days and usually it is all better! It also has great reviews on amazon (5 stars). This was recommended by a woman in my training class. Here is a link:
  • Bathing her-once a week or once every 2 weeks. I neglected this recently since she doesn’t love baths, but gave her one this morning since she is getting super itchy. I definitely notice a difference in the severity of her itching if I don’t give her a bath for a few weeks.
  • Last but not least natural hydrocortisone from the yam plant. If you have never heard of this ask your vet if your dog is on hydrocortisone-the natural kind has less side effects. It is also mentioned in the article below.

All of these seem like a lot, but they become part of the routine and I didn’t add them all at once. If your dog is super itchy make sure it’s checked by a vet (many things can cause itching, not just allergies). Helping your pup with allergies can be very frustrating. If it is frustrating for you, think about how bad it must be for your pup. I thought NOTHING would work, until I found the right combination and so far it’s been smooth sailing (okay not smooth, but so far so good-knock on computer!)


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