Fraudulent Food Allergies

Is your dog itching? Scratching? Have dry skin? Does your dog frequently vomit or have loose stools? Does your dog have yeast infections? It could be food allergies or the dog food you are feeding.

You seriously don’t want to know what’s in some dog food. I recently read a few books about dog diets and not only are additives in there, but parts of animals that aren’t allowed in human food…and worse-but I will spare you the details because I now know, but wish I didn’t!

There are many canned and kibble foods on the market that are higher quality including organic foods, Innova, nature’s variety, and many more. Your typical dog food at the grocery store contains many, many things that your dog doesn’t get nutrition from and that can’t be digested.

I started Oreo off on a regular kibble, probably Purina or some store brand when she was younger, but quickly changed her to a petsmart brand. After a few months I wanted something better so I changed her to Blue Buffalo, but found she was throwing up and getting sick all the time. Eventually, I changed her to Nature’s Variety Limited Ingredients because I knew she must have allergies. She did better on some of the protein sources than others. I changed her treats constantly, thinking she had a gluten allergy!

I even wrote many blog entries with recipes for gluten-free treat recipes and food…turns out I was COMPLETELY wrong!! Food Allergies are Tricksters! If you suspect your dog has food allergies, GET THEM TESTED! I didn’t even know there was a food test for dog food allergies until I went to Smith Ridge Vet Clinic. My other Vet never even suggested it when I went to them with problems. They just said to give the dog treats in the evening because she was not getting food in her stomach and that caused her to get sick in the morning-WRONG!

I actually fed my dog many foods she was allergic to, thinking I was helping, but I was really only hurting her. Anyways, through allergy testing turns out she is allergic to 7 things:

Alfalfa (never even thought of this!), Salmon (I suspected this), Eggs(in many foods), Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes, Soybeans, and Corn (in MANY foods)

It only takes a few minutes to get blood from the dog, then they send it away. The test shows scores starting at 0 and going up for each food tested. 0-99 is negative food allergy, 100-5,000 is positive. Wow-5,000 allergies must cause death because that is SO high. Most of Oreo’s scores are actually high-in the 70’s or 80’s. Some are almost at 100-which is when the dog is proclaimed allergic: Green Peas she scored a 96 on-so I will avoid them-along with peanuts which scored 89. Her highest allergies were Alfalfa (298) and Salmon (272). That makes sense because one time I tried her on a Salmon food and she was REALLY sick with vomiting.

I was surprised she wasn’t allergic to wheat or chicken. After the vet visit I stopped giving her chicken and she almost improved 90% the next day. I will stay away from chicken anyways.

It’s very important to get your dog tested if you see them constantly itching year round, have frequent ear infections, get sick frequently, have loose stools or vomiting. I thought it was just seasonal or other food allergies. When in doubt-CHECK IT OUT!

I wanted to feed my dog raw-but she just doesn’t want it. So I now make homemade food. I thought it would be a giant hassle-it felt like it in the beginning, but now I buy large quantities and make food for 2 or more weeks and freeze it. This makes it soo much easier. I usually buy ground up turkey or beef or pot roast (I try to find things on sale). I add veggies like broccoli (put it in the blender so the dog can digest it), and brown rice. I also add supplements like calcium, coconut oil, and probiotic. She also gets other treats and bones which add to her diet. Food allergies are tricky, just when you think you have figured them out, you haven’t. No need for lengthy food trials-just get the test. It is more expensive to get the food allergy test, but in the long run you will save money because you aren’t wasting so much food trying to figure things out. I gave away so much food it was unbelievable.

It’s 4th of July-so happy 4th to everyone!!! Please keep your dogs indoors or on leashes so they don’t run away with the fireworks. More dogs go missing on the 4th than any other day! If your dog is afraid of loud noises or fireworks try having a “party” with games, tons of treats, and fun. Try a thundershirt or tricks with your dogs. You can try calming scents or calming supplements or treats. Trust me…it’s worth it! Think of when you are very anxious or having a panic attack…they feel the same way!




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