Like Owner, Like Dog

Did you ever hear the saying that dogs look like their owners (or family)? Well sometimes dogs also have the same health problems as their owners. I have hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis. The tests came back and Oreo has it too! I am sad that she has it, but glad that it is super common, treatable, and that there was something to explain her behavior and health problems.

Hypothyroidism is when there is not enough thyroid hormone circulating in the body. This can cause many problems including: Tiredness, exercise intolerance, intolerance to cold, aggression, loss of hair, excessive shedding, weight gain, flaky skin, dandruff, pimples, chronic ear infections, slow heart rate, seizures, anemia, behavior changes and many other problems.

Oreo has had many of these things, including reoccurring ear and skin infections, dandruff, dry skin, intolerance to cold, tiredness, exercise intolerance, aggression and behavior changes. We started her on levothyroxine and a supplement to help support her thyroid.

We did have her thyroid levels checked before and they were fine. However, the vet didn’t check her antibodies. The vet at Smith Ridge checked them, and it’s a good thing she did. She said Oreo would’ve crashed. So remember whenever you are getting a test, even if it’s more expensive pay for it because it will pay off in the long run. Discussing tests, make sure you always get the Snap test- 4 prong, so it tests for problems caused by ticks that can lead to kidney failure.

Oreo has been calmer lately and happier when we are taking walks. She has more energy and wants to play more. She is still itchy sometimes, but she has improved over 80%. On another note, my husband and I went away last weekend and she did fantastic with my parents! It’s always worrisome when I leave for vacation. I don’t like having to have to worry about her, but now I know she will be fine. Next week we are going away for a week to Disney and she will be staying with my parents. She has a great time staying outside in their big yard with them all day and going on hikes.

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