If Your Dog Eats Grass…You Know What I’m Talking About

Eating grass, a sure sign your dog has an upset tummy. Last night Oreo got sick after eating. I am assuming it was from her food. Tonight I mixed her regular kibble with some buffalo raw. There is an ongoing debate over doing this, but I’ve done it in the past and she has been fine. She never liked the buffalo too much, but I thought I’ll give it a try anyways. Boy was I wrong…

She was throwing up last night a few times, then this morning twice. We spent at least 30 minutes in the same area around our neighborhood while she hunted for yummy grass to eat. I could hear her stomach making noises as soon as I got up, so I knew she was sick. For those of you who have dogs with stomach issues, you know what I’m talking about. Standing outside in freezing weather for long amounts of time so your poor sick dog and chow down on some grass to regurgitate is something every dog mom or dad has to do with sickly dogs.

She didn’t eat all day, which is unlike her. Usually if she throws up she will eat later. As I am typing this she finally picked up a treat I had on the floor all day for her and nibbled on it! Time to bring her outside, probably for more grass…but next I’d like to talk about what people call “picky eaters.”


7 thoughts on “If Your Dog Eats Grass…You Know What I’m Talking About

    • Yes, Oreo had those problems more often ( a few times a week) before we realized she has a gluten allergy, but still thinking something else is up. We are trying different foods to figure it out!

      • You might try AvoDerm if you’ve got a PetSmart or local pet store that carries it. It’s been the only food, dry or wet, that Disney’s been able to eat without upsetting his tummy as his allergies have appeared over the years.

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