Yay!!! Oreo had a fantastic day today at training!! Last week we did calming curves & she did well, then we did parallel walking. She was nervous at first walking parallel to a yellow lab, but got better and even walked past a group of people (5-10 ft away) without reacting! Yay!!!

As for the good news for today, we did treat & retreat. The woman came up to Oreo and she barked, tail wagging. The woman threw treats behind her then steps back. Oreo loved it…and loved her! She went right up to her and sat for treats and when the lady left…Oreo wouldn’t move. She watched, whined and waited for her to come back. Then the woman walked us back and oreo gave her kisses!!!

This is a big breakthrough, Oreo just needed to figure things out. She has a history of barking, lunging and trying to nip people who approach (who are strangers). YAY!!! I must continue to practice this with many different people, hopefully she will be excited and happy when seeing people, because people will equal treats!

As for allergies, I think she has grass allergies…also possibly chicken? Not sure, I’m going to cut chicken out, and make her different treats for classes. Her allergies are still bad, but have gotten a little better since I wipe her feet and face down with a wet towel when we come back inside. Also, we were giving her chicken raw, but switched it to lamb. So many allergies!! Well, Oreo is zonked out here sleeping next to me on the couch, time to take a nap myself!


3 thoughts on “Breakthrough!

  1. Thanks! She is very itchy, eyes water and she’s always scratching them/losing hair due to how itchy they are. Some dogs can get “hot spots” where they itch or lick so much the hair is gone and it becomes red and hard to heal. Also, dogs withh lick their paws a lot.

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