Reactive Class, It’s Been a While

It’s been a while, I’ve been busy with being back to work and life. Oreo is following at my heels everywhere now that I’m not home all of the time. A little bit of seperation anxiety is developing, but I am doing my best to make sure it doesn’t truely develop. I was just outside sitting in the sun with her…the weather is finally getting better.

I have neglected bringing her to the park in a week at least, and she has been more anxious at home. She played with her friend one day, and the next day she was snapping at him when he got too close. She would play bow and appeared to want to play, then she would snap at him when she got close. Not sure if it has been things developing over the week, anxiety because I am gone…or there is a big very BIG brown dog on the block that was walking towards them. However, the anxiety has carried on throughout the days, and this is expected since once a reactive dog has a panic attack it can take days to weeks to get the chemcials in her brain back to normal.

We had reactive class today, with another trainer filling in. Oreo was more anxious and wouldn’t turn around when we got closer to a dog. She still whines like she wants to go play, but has no impulse control. We started “Look at That”, where she was over 50 feet away from a person, and I say, “Look at That” and when she does I click and then she will turn and look at me (as long as she isn’t over threshold). Then I treat her. When the bait down there started walking around, she was not responding to the clicking, so we have a lot of work to do with her. The journey continues.


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