Reactive Class #2

Oreo has had very bad allergies in the last week, causing her to itch her eyes constantly, until her hair is gone and red bruises appeared. It is painful to watch her itch them. However, I do have good news, Oreo did pretty well at training. We did some calming curves and most of the time she turned around quickly. We did calming curves with 2 other dogs, and started off taking just 2 steps, then up to 27 steps, getting within 15 feet of another dog and no barking. I think she wanted to see the trainer though.

She whinned to see her and finally later we let her, but then wouldn’t pay attention to me. There’s that impulse control we need. So we had to put her back in the car. Patience is good. Oreo is learned that she can choose to turn away from other dogs. “Oh, there’s another dog there oh no…waiting…waiting..oh no big deal, I’m turning around”. She made the choice, I waited and didn’t pull or push. It’s important for her to learn it’s her choice. Next week I won’t be able to make training. Meanwhile, I will be looking up holistic allergy treatments in a hope to help her feel better!


3 thoughts on “Reactive Class #2

  1. Very interesting to read about the training. I would like to learn how to make my lap dog (not) love me and sit with me. I am chronically ill and we got her to give me company. I have tried to train her and to be the alpha dog, all to no avail. She adores my husband and sits next to him. She adores the kids. I am here all day but she does not sit in my lap. I play with her and she likes that. I am sad because this is not what I had hoped for.

  2. I’m sure your dog loves you. Perhaps it is because you are home all day. The dog probably misses everyone else, and needs to be closer to them when they get home. I have started work again and find that she is a million times more snuggly and laying next to me constantly now, when she didn’t much before. Also I find treats help a lot!

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