It’s JUST a dog.

I have started Oreo on a mixed diet. I’m not brave enough to go full RAW…yet, and my freezer is not big enough either (darn condo). I went looking for stella and chewy raw frozen dog food at chaar, but found they only had dehydrated. While dehydrated is convienent, I find it weird and unnatural (although it can be but I just think it’s weird). I ended up seeing two freezers. One full of Nature’s Variety (she’s on that kibble) and BRAVO.

I didn’t know much about BRAVO, but took a leap of faith, and couldn’t find bad reviews online (although I am sure there are, no one will like everything). I got a sample pack (different varieties) and a large pack of 12 patties of turkey. Chicken or turkey are what you should start your dog on if you are going RAW, due to the tummy upsets. However, make sure you try variety. I made that mistake and my dog would seem fine on kibble a little while, then get sick. So perhaps she became allergic (which is what I’m told happens if you don’t switch).

This is all a new world for me. I mean some people will say, “It’s JUST a dog.” To that, I think the person maybe never had a dog? Or a real connection or relationship with the dog, making them part of the family. It actually fathoms me that people can say that. I think our society has distanced itself greatly from the world of animals. They are disposable, much like a purse from the store. It’s in when you buy it, then out in a few months when the seasons change. Some people feel this way about dogs, and many don’t have the right tools or knowledge to have a dog. Unfortuantely, many people seem so busy or miserable they don’t stop and enjoy life and everything around it. Some people are just miserable. But I digress…

Yes, I know I am a RAW diet wimp as some people may believe. Yes, RAW from a company is more expensive, and yes, you don’t know exactly what you are getting. But I think that RAW will hopefully be better than just kibble.

As for training, I find myself being lazy. I can’t be lazy though, I paid a lot of money and I’ve seen some progress and I can’t give up. After each lesson it seems like I take a few days to chill a little. But I tell myself this is okay. We started the dog on her new meds and I’ve noticed she is sleeping A LOT during the day. This can be a side effect, but usually changes eventually.

Some success in the past few days: Getting out of the car and looking at me when dogs are within 20 feet (on the 2nd try), and having a GIGANTIC lawnmower passing us (this thing was the size of a dumptruck) within 10 feet of us at the park and her not reacting. Of course I was holding a nice treat and encouraging her telling her what a good dog she is!!


2 thoughts on “It’s JUST a dog.

  1. Dealing with anxiety is really difficult. My companion Sugi has anxiety about objects, sounds, flies, bees etc. He’s better, but I’ve found the only way to get him over his fear is to gently lead him to the thing he is afraid of and not let him run away. Reward him only when he is not afraid. I’ve found that when they realize that nothing bad happens, they find it easier to be around that thing. It takes time. As Cesar Millan would say, it’s best not to reward fearful behavior. Have a look at my post about how we solved Sugi’s fear of the fireplace:
    and about his fear of a certain street that he had a bad experience on:

  2. Thanks for the links to your blogs, yes, making sure the leash is loose is key! Also, I have found targeting with your finger to make the dog touch an object she is scared of helps immensely with my dog. Things such as tractors, people, and dogs, need more of the classical conditioning approach. She looks at it, sees it, looks at me, treat! Eventually I hope she will associate dogs=treats, people=treats, etc. Of course I only treat her before she is over her threshold, and don’t let her get to that. I look for positive things to treat. It’s amazing how closely your dog looks like mine (the face at least).

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