RAW and the Rules of Eating

Over the past few days I’ve been doing my research about feeding RAW. I read about many pros, and only few cons. The researching is very confusing because people will say one thing, while other people say the opposite. RAW food is a hot topic. My first reaction after looking at some webpages was, “GROSS!” Turkey necks, bison tails, brains, hearts, liver, yummm. And feeding chicken and meat with bones scares me!

I assume most people are scared or grossed out by this, and that’s why they don’t try RAW food in the first place. I mean eating RAW food (uncooked) goes against everything in our society and the rules of eating. Eating uncooked meat can cause many types of bad diseases and bacteria to spread. Eating bones will cause a dog to choke and possibly die!

Those were my first thoughts…and then I dug deeper. If we think about a rules of eating for dogs…they aren’t used to eating kibble or cooked food, they are originally from the wild…although weren’t we at one time? Back on topic…they hunted game and ate it raw, bones, organs and all. The RAW diet (which goes by many names) is based on that belief. Some people call it a fad, while others call it a miracle to everything from allergies to tumors.

It scares me to take such a leap of faith to feeding RAW. But to think that so many people are doing it and it’s been so helpful to them. I’m not saying RAW is for everyone, or even me (I’m on the fence), but I bet it is helpful to many dogs, but I also bed it’s not for others.

I have many questions, and am continuing research. Getting RAW food and feeding RAW can actually be much cheaper than the expensive natural grain-free foods. How you might say? Get the pieces of meat from butchers they usually don’t use-turkey necks, organs (ugh!) and so on. If you want to feed RAW and do it yourself (not prepackaged) then you must do lots of research about percentage of meat/proteins and such. The correct balance of bone and meat must be worked out, so will the portion size. If you want to know how your dog is doing, check your dog’s stool.

Another thing that irks me is guarding food. My dog has never guarded her food, but she has never really liked it in the first place. I know when my neighbor gave her a rawhide (over 1/2 year ago) she was guarding it growling when I came close. We have worked with “trade”, but haven’t given her a rawhide since. I did look some information out and supposedly it’s a myth that dogs will become “bloodthirsty” or aggressive over food. However, I have joined a RAW group on yahoo, and many people do say they have seen their dog guard, especially in the beginning. I guess that would make sense-they are finally getting something super yummy. The advice was that if the dog starts to guard, then after a while of RAW feeding they will stop-because they realize they will keep getting it.

I have also looked into RAW food that is sold in pet stores. Nature’s Variety I thought would be great-but after digging, people said they do not ground their bones enough 1/4 of an inch, so people find pea size bones in the dog’s food. That’s not a risk I want to take. I am currently looking into other options.

I don’t think I’m ready to put her on a full RAW diet, but incorporate some RAW slowly from the store, and see how it goes. She has such a sensitive stomach and many allergy issues (which I hope RAW would help). We will see what happens.


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