Weaning her off

I’ve been weaning her off of the anxiety medicine, and have noticed some changes. She has been sick a few days, like she used to be (throwing up, upset tummy). She isn’t anymore and I’m happy to say she’s eating again. The only 2 things I changed were the medicine, and new hard biscuit treats. I stopped giving her the treats, hoping that was what was wrong, and not the fact that shes in so much anxiety that she is getting sick.

We went to the Poconos for a while, and she did very well. Of course she liked to bark at anyone walking/riding a bike past the house, but other than that it went pretty well. She loves laying outside and spending time exploring-she is so curious.

We had her go in the canoe, and she did well, but kept drinking yucky water. She wouldn’t sit and relax, and tried to eat lilypads when we passed. Needless to say we had to go back to the dock sooner than later considering my mom is very fearful of falling in the water!

So we’ve noticed since we’ve been weaning her off of the medicine a little more anxiety such as barking at a neighbor she never barked at before and barking at a ceiling fan. I’m hoping the other medicine we will be trying will be more helpful.

Oreo did very well in the Poconos with training, I am hoping it carries over to being home. She is sleeping now and seems zonked…very tired from all the walking and excitement.


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