Don’t get depressed

We can’t get depressed with our reactive dogs. They are very scared and we need to remember that. The world is scary for them. I often find myself drifting, thinking of how horrible things could be if we didn’t have good management skills, along with training. I always think of what if we have a kid one day? What will happen then? These thoughts haunt me, but I need to put them to the side, because that’s not now, and I have years to work with her.

Yesterday she was resisting having me clean her ears. Even though the witch hazel is unscented, I am sure she can still smell it. We may not have powerful enough noses, but I think she does. She doesn’t detest to a cotton ball near her ear as much as she does when I put some liquid on it. I did manage to kind of clean her ears yesterday, so hopefully that will help.

I discussed with my vet the current medicine Oreo is on (Clomipramine). She said she should be on it at least for a month before we will see progress. It has been about a month, but I haven’t seen a big difference, however she was much more comfortable at training in the beginning than before. That could be because she knew what she was getting there, TREATS!! However, I don’t see that much of a difference at home. She seems a little sleepier, but still reacts to flies, ear cleaning, people, dogs, and so on. The trainer seemed very concerned that she was reacting to flies.

When Oreo sees a fly she will sometimes try to eat it. But most of the time if a fly lands on her she freaks out walking in circles, freezing, and panicing. One was in the house the other day and she wouldn’t calm down for 5 minutes, she had to find it. We are going to wean her off of the medicine and see how it goes. Instead of 2 pills a day, this week we will do 1. Next week we will do 1 pill every few days. If I don’t see a difference then I will know my hunch was correct, it made no difference.

My vet said we could stay on it a little longer, or try Amitryptiline. Amitryptiline is used for general anxiety and seperation anxiety. Clomipramine is more used for just seperation anxiety, which Oreo does NOT have. It is a fine line to decide when to stop the medicine, because if we would try it again it could have lost it’s effectiveness. I feel that this probably is not the right drug for her and the trainer mentioned the same thing. So I have to go with my gut. Always follow your gut…that’s for another post!


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