Found a new item called “Scaredy Cut” from Amazon. It’s scissors with guide combs that help you give your dog a haircut. The cool thing is the vibrator is not there! No zzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound that scares the dog! I feared taking Oreo to the groomer now that she is afraid of other dogs, and found this item, got it today and bam! It worked great. My husband and I then gave her a bath and luckily we got her accustomed to baths, she was licking her lips towards the end (uncomfortable) but no big issues.

This morning I almost had another mental breakdown. Two words- EAR DROPS. Or maybe that is one word? Yes, I should know that considering I’ve been using them for almost a month. Oreo was 10 times worse this morning, but had to give her xanax and that seemed to do the trick. She stood there seemingly not caring about the drops going in her ear. An hour earlier she was ready to bite my arm off. Amazing. 3 more days of ear drops-if I have enough stuff left-the vet charges $50 for the drops yikes!  So I have learned I shouldn’t try to do eardrops without xanax.

Ugh mid-writing the dog keeps putting tennis balls under the couch-her verious of hide and seek. The game consists of her putting her toys under the couch, and us getting them for her when she starts digging at the couch. Fun for her maybe, not for me. I have waved the white flag and my back hurts from moving the couch. She is over there looking under the couch-I bet she hid something else under there…


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