Back from Vacation

We went to the beach for a few days, so my parents watched the dog. They said she was good, but claim she needs “more training”. My sister and her fiance brought their dog over and Oreo has a history of going crazy jumping all over and wanting to play with the dog, but the dog is old. So he will snap and growl at her, but she does not back off. So of course while we were gone, my sister and fiance brought the dog over to my moms house. I was at the beach and recieved a text with a picture of them both hanging out next to each other relaxing. I thought, “Wow Amazing!”. I immediately called to see what was going on, thinking was it the meds? Couldn’t be! Then I was told my sister’s fiance would hold Oreo by the collar and tell her sternly to sit, lay down, and repeat until she was calm. I was not there, so I don’t know if he was yelling, if she was scared, or if she was listening or what not. I however am iffy of this, because she is already sensitive about strangers tugging on her leash or reaching near her. She does know him, but I am weary this will worsen her fear.

I was so excited to come back and see Oreo and she gave us a greeting by jumping up and nipping our fingers in that crazy out of control hello, (yes we need to work on this). I was immediately stressed out after trying to put ear drops in. It seems 2 days without ear drops have made it worse. She now snaps quickly and touches my skin. She definitely hates them, seems like more than before. I didn’t want to give her the xanax, I hoped I could be able to do it myself, unfortunately I could not. I have 4 more days for ear drops (please make it through!).

I can’t wait until the next training session in a little more than a week. I am bringing the muzzle, hopefully I can eventually train her to accept it. However, I fear she will not, because once she has one bad experience with it she will remember it. The medication she is on does not seem to have much of an affect yet, but it takes time. I felt like crying many times in the last few hours. It is like hell trying to get the ear drops in. No one understands until you are in the position. She is so scared of the drops, but it is a necessary evil. She is avoiding me, and running away from me because she knows the ear drops are to come.  I can’t wait to get this ear business done so we can re-establish our trust…hopefully. I ordered alcohol free witch hazel so I can use that once or twice a week with a cotton ball on her ears to make sure they stay clean, hopefully that will work-she won’t like it,but I think it will go smoother.


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