I didn’t want to put Oreo on anxiety meds because I was worried about side effects and that her personality would change. I did make the decision to do this, and the vet recommended a medication and we shall see how it goes. Every few weeks she will call me and see how it’s working. If it’s working well, we will keep her at that dosage, if not, we will increase the dosage. If this certain med doesn’t work, you can try another one. It’s like a game of chance. So we shall see.

It will be 3 1/2 weeks until my next training session with the trainer. I am on vacation for 4 days next week to the shore, and my parents will watch the dog. They are very good with the dog and she isn’t afraid to walk around their neighborhood (we’ve had to walk her 2 times a day at the park nearby since she is scared to walk around the neighborhood after being attacked). My parents have a big yard and Oreo loves hanging out. I can’t wait to have a yard one day for her (we live in a condo).

I told my mom not to let her go without the leash. I am afraid she may not come back. We need to work on recall, and much trust was lost with doing the ear drops. Speaking of ear drops, we went for our 2 week check up with the vet to make sure her ears were better. She had significant yeast in her ears last time, and had rare and medium in one ear this time. So I am to continue using the ear drops for another 10 days and making sure I get them inside and on the outside of her ear. She was very good at the vet-I did give her a Xanax and we continue to use the side door to go in the back way to avoid other dogs. She targeted my finger in the room and went on the scale, and the vet said she put the muzzle on and she was good just sitting there instead of growling and going nuts like last time (probably due to pain in the ears, which also has made drops easier).

I am no longer freaking out about putting ear drops in. I have a found a way that works (for at least now). When we go to the park, I have discovered I can do her ear drops (with the bottle!!!! 🙂 ) in the car and she is fine. She’s not happy, but she will stay with me having the bottle near her ears and putting them in (so excited)! And this is without meds. I did start the meds today though. My hope is that the meds will help her calm down enough so that she can train easier and hopefully one day we can wean her off of them. We may never get her off meds, but that’s okay. I’m on meds for life for other health reasons, and it’s not so bad.



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