So, we are still working on ear drops for a few more days, almost there-yay! I’ve used lots of different strategies including great treats, training, putting drops on a popsicle stick, tons of stuff. Hopefully her ears are getting better. The color looks better everything seems to be clearing up. However, she is shaking her head a lot in the last few days, so that’s not a good sign. Also, she has cuts on her ear, but I would guess they are from scratching. We go to the vet Friday to see if she is better.

I went to my first training session. The trainer believes she is not eating as much because of her anxiety and said perhaps I should think about putting her on a long term anxiety medicine. Perhaps…perhaps not. We will see in the next week or two after her ears are better (hopefully) how she is acting.

During the session she snapped at the trainer when she tried to take her leash off-she did warn her which was good. She has handling issues and I believe they are because of being at the vet so much (unpleasant experiences). I am going to work on ttouch with her. Also working on “trading” things, getting off the couch and other chairs/beds with positive training. Also we got an extra tall gate for the kitchen so she can stay in there.

I also ordered extra virgin organic coconut oil for her. This helps with allergies and many other things. Some people said it is very fatty, which it is fatty, but only a tiny bit (1/4 of a teaspoon) is not much. Also I am looking into getting probiotics to help her immune system. A little can be put on her ears also to help. I also got a recommendation instead of squirting the vet recommended ear cleaner in her ears (because it can sting and she is traumatized) to use a cottonball and witch hazel to wipe on her ears.


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