Success! For now..

Success! I finally got the ear drops in last night, probalby spilled the whole bottle in and may end up needing to buy another $45 bottle of the stuff. But..I got them in. How did I do it you ask? Well, I called the vet and she recommended we try xanex to help with anxiety. I was half expecting her to be drowsy and thought perfect, then I will just get the ear drops in. But to my surprise, she seems more excited and eager. She searched through bags, wasn’t afraid of the laptops like usual-went right up to them and sniffed. She also passed right next to the neighbor (a big fella-men which she usually runs away or barks/lunges at). He pet her and she didn’t even seem to notice or care.

She was apprehensive about the ear drops, but with some cheese in hand and trying the same clicker type training one step at a time she did not run away in fear.  We went outside and she was sniffing everything. A day ago she would be barking wildly at the trash can the neighbor placed outside their door (not always there). Instead, she went right up to it and was sniffing. She also was looking right in the neighbors door (the one without a dog)-so unlike her not to be afraid and apprehensive-but nice to see the old oreo before she was attacked. She would come up to us and greet us and rest her head on our lap as if just to say “hi”, although I’m sure she probably wanted food, to go out, or a toy.

I did notice her stumbling a little in the beginning, must mean the dose it too high. I was waiting for her to crash because we took her to the park. I got a 50 foot leash so I could throw frisbee with her. She eventually crashed late in the night. It was a glimpse of what used to be, and what could be.

I look on my cell phone to see the picture of oreo nervously looking up at me while taking a picture, and look back at oreo with medicine and mouth is open, tongue hanging out with a smile. Amazing!

There are some downfalls too, of course this is only temporary, but I could talk to the trainer and vet and see what they think. She was a little wobbly so I suspect the dosage may be a little high. Also, she paid much attention to me with food, but was also highly distractable when I didn’t have food. Calling her to me would take multiple recalls.

She always had issues with eating (obsessive compulsive issues) and 30 minutes after taking the medicine she seemed super hungry. She was more mischevious (also like her old self) putting her paws on the counter looking for the steak we just made. I’m not sure if the medicine made her less afraid and more comfortable, therefore she was able to explore and play more. Or…if the side effect made her more excitable. It’s only day 1 but I rested much better knowing this could work and I wouldn’t have to imagine her being trapped in a corner with a towel to be muzzled. Ugh! Well, hopefully the training success continues and when she is off of the medicine she will be fine with getting ear drops (hopeful thinking I know).

* Side note-my family thinks I am obsessive about the dog-yea, I know I am.


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