Ear Drop Woes

The vet prescribed ear drops for Oreo’s yeast infection on Thursday. It is now Monday and this is still stressing me out! We managed to get ear drops in one ear on Friday, and both ears on Saturday. The first was through positive training-but as soon as the drops went in she was already traumatized. The second times were through sneak attacks-which won’t help training or her fear, but at this point I’m getting desperate.

I am going home on my lunch hour to try to tire her out and get these drops in. I plan of running with her, then having her hang outside, she’ll be tired so she’ll lay down on the side-perfect for putting drops in. I will go over and massage her and her ears, then put them in. Then give her a wonderful treat or a favorite toy. Oh hopefully this works. I have other creative measures too.

Other Ideas:

-Try taking her to the park she loves and trying it there after a long walk, she always seems happier and calmer there.

-Try giving her her favorite toy and doing it.

-Keep the positive treats up and trying it

-Use a cotton ball with the drops on it

-Use a popsicle stick the the drops on it

-Use a dropper

The vet tech I spoke with wants to muzzle her or tranquilize her. If that sounds scary to me, it will undoubtably be traumatizing for her, and to do it over and over for 14 days seems crazy. She would definitely hate the vet then, and undoubtly her fear aggression would grow. Ahh geez.


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