Condos are not the place for dogs

Condos are not the place for dogs. Some might think so because there are so many dogs to play with!! Not so…I read that reactive dogs have the slowest progress in condos. Well, of course that is true. Think of all the noises.

I hear it all the time. Banging next door, dogs barking, doors slamming, cars, etc. Not to mention my dog sleeps gated in the kitchen with a sliding glass door in the back. We often will see her or hear her moving the blinds to look outside. She may see the neighbors dog, a neighbor, a light, grass blowing, a paper bag flying by, a bird, or anything moving and will bark. Ugh we have to get out of there!

So to continue the ear saga, Oreo has a bad yeast infection in her ear. She was muzzled at the vet since she is so afraid of any novel object near her ear. I did the training with treating and finally she was okay with me putting the ear drops near her ear…of course when I put them in that was another story. She looked shocked! She probably felt betrayed and that is why she ran away from me after that. I promptly treated her and gave her a new stuffed toy she loves. When I get home from work we will have to start over again at square one, which goes something like this:

1. Have her touch the bottle with her nose and treat her

2. After about 10 reps of that, move it to her face to touch, treat

3. Continue to up her ear and treat her anywhere from 10-20 times or until she is comfortable.

4. Have the bottle adjusted straight for pouring ear drops and treat

5. Have the bottle straight then touch ear with it and treat

6. Finally drop the drops in and hope all 8 get in there, treat and give toy.

I have to do this for 14 days… UGH just the thought of it.

Some people say just to muzzle her. Well, extremely shy/fearful dogs will only develop a fear for the muzzle (which she has already from the vet), so when you go near her she will try to bite you (Fear aggression). I tried some calming agents hoping to have her calmed and relaxed, but she is deathly afraid of cleaner or ear drops. By the way, don’t clean a dog’s ears with the cleaner until they are not irritated-they will just burn.

After I put the drops in the dogs ear, she will run away and not go near me for hours, this is because she does not trust me. I realize this will not help our relationship, but hopefully the training will help or counter-act the bad affects of ear drops. This might all seem silly to you, but lets pretend you have a fear of snakes. I actually have a husband who is deathly afraid of snakes. He saw one in the Poconos and ran screaming, and wouldn’t go down near the dock again for almost a year. Sounds silly, but phobias do that.

Same thing with the dog, she is deathly afraid of the ear drops. If I would muzzle her it would get worse. That would be like tying my husband to a tree and putting snakes around him to slither on him, while he was defenseless.

I thank god I don’t have to clean them yet-because that will be even worse than the ear drops because she recognizes the bottle and smell (it’s very strong). Hopefully I make it through 14 days with ear drops without a mental breakdown. Then I’ll have to work on ear cleaning…


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