Sad to see her scared

My husband just called and reported that Oreo doesn’t walk anymore outside. I have seen this also. Around our block she is super slow, and will stop and not want to continue even if there are no dogs around. It saddens me that once she was an exhuberant, friendly puppy whose favorite thing was a walk. Now she will hardly walk.

To hopefully get her walking better I walk her around the back yard and take her to parks without many dogs, she seems to enjoy herself there are there is no problem. Geez! I almost wish we could move now that she is traumatized. I remember taking the dog on walks and she would pull and whine to meet other dogs, then play with every dog she met. I remember her letting children pet her and her tail would wag with joy. Now she is scared…of almost everything. I feel as if I have failed her, as her protector and family.

It’s an unbelievable feeling of sadness and grief that sweeps over me often, to think how she use to be, and what she is now. I know I need to let it go and move on. I can’t keep thinking “What if we didn’t go for that walk?” She would still be the same lovable, dog loving, cheerful pup.

I think people need to be more aware of what’s around them. I don’t think this could’ve been prevented if I had my eyes focused more. The dog ran out of a door behind us so by the time I realized what was going on…it was too late. I advise if you live in a highly populated area, and even if you think you are safe-bring pepper spray. Pepper spray is sold at sporting stores, but there is dog pepper spray at pet stores too. I went over the top after the attack and got myself a stun baton. I have to admit I haven’t even charged it yet-it’s a bit intimidating. But I read that sometimes pitbulls will not back off with pepper spray, so I ordered the baton.

I watch the dogs closely around our block. And once in a while I see a dog I didn’t even know was around. You never know if someone has a dog or not, and whether they are dangerous.



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