Oreo when we first got her

Hi & Welcome! This site is really a way for me to handle the stress and organize my thoughts about my 1 1/2 year old reactive dog Oreo. Here is the background:

We got her off of Craigslist from 2 people who lived nearby. We arrived to the house in a not so great area of a city nearby. The people and house looked questionable, but the picture of the dog was so cute and the chance to help a dog was luring.

The people told us she was a West Highland Terrier/King Chargles Spaniel Mix. I had a Westie for 19 years from 2nd grade on when I was a kid, and I thought Great! When arriving, she was curled up near a heater on the floor, I picked her up-how precious and cute. She looked unique. The woman told us she got her from a special breeder (yea…right…in thinking back she was probably stolen or who knows what).

In retrospect, the dog is in fact a mix of 5 types of dogs…none which are Westie or Spaniel. Go figure.

We got her around 10 weeks (at least that is what we were told). We suspect she was taken way too early from her mother and littermates. She did not have proper socialization and lacks important skills she should’ve learned from her littermaters. For example, she would continually jump on other dogs to play even if they snap at her, she does not know when to stop (this has since changed, since now she is afraid of dogs after she herself was attacked, but that story will come later).

Do I look back and say. “Hmm, maybe we should’ve known she would be reactive and got a dog from a breeder?” Yea, sometimes I think that, but if we didn’t take her where would she end up? Would she have ended up with people so loving? People who understand what a reactive dog is and how to handle it, and train her (or try?)? Sometimes dogs from breeders don’t always end up the way they are advertised too. I love my dog and am willing to do lots to help her, and her story will be shared on here.

**Note, she was NOT fear reactive to dogs until she was attacked, we did see fear with men and crowds of people.

That’s all for now, I will go further into her reactivity and her life and our life (my husband and I), living with a reactive dog.


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